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Being a native of the Netherlands: I know how it feels to be raised without, hope, vision and Jesus as the Centre and I have lived life lost and broken. I was raised in a dysfunctional home and grew up in a ready to battle environment always in defense mode. I never knew that a dysfunctional life would become a habit, something I'm sure many people are not aware of. It’s not until God started to show me how dysfunctional I was living I recognized the destructive habits I had created in my own life. It’s for this reason that I founded the Saved and Blessed University.

As Founder of the Saved & Blessed blog: I promote honoring God with your life whether you are a man (King) or a Woman (Queen), single or married. I founded the Saved & Blessed blog in June 2016 and my blog has grown to over 20,000 views. I share my life journey with many people through my blog in the hope of guiding them closer to God our Heavenly Daddy and King of Kings.

The Saved and Blessed University is a website with diversity, a mélange of different tastes that will all blend very well together. Please don't be shy: take a tour on my website. Contact me with questions or suggestions, use the learning tools on this site in group settings if you like. Or work with me as your Life Coach. Either way I would love to hear from you and I look forward to go through this life journey together with you. Psalm 32:8 I will teach you and instruct you in the way you should go, I will council you and watch over you!


Certified Life Coach

Bon Bini (Welcome) to my website! My name is Romy, pleasure to meet you. I am a certified life coach and want to focus on Faith based life coaching and Business coaching. I have worked many years in upscale hotels in leadership roles with as many as 80+ non- leadership and leadership employees reporting to me. I have coached numerous of staff members, supervisors and managers in becoming their ideal self and/or grow into professional high demanding leadership roles.

Life Coaching “Vision your growth”

Business Life Coach: I want to help “YOU” (or small company) challenge and develop your skills and abilities to achieve the best performance results, and to function as self-sufficiently as possible. In other words, you will learn to use your skills which will improve your performance and help y

Life Coaching “Walk in Faith, Love Life”

Faith Life coach:  I want to help people change their life by living their dream and God given purpose for the advancement of his Kingdom. I believe dear King Or Queen reader, that change comes through positive influence and not through authority or by being told what to do and nobody does this bet

Life Coaching ” From Broken to Healed!

Heart Life coach:  My Goal is to challenge teenagers, women and men, single and married to rise above the brokenness in life by choosing Jesus always, breaking the odds of a godless society. From stressed to Blessed and Abundant joy. Living life with purpose in your personal life and in your profes

Saved & Blessed Life!

YES! Together we can make your passion, your vision, directing your desires into purpose.


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Walk in Faith, Love life

YES! Together we can make your passion, your vision, directing your desires into purpose.

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