Its not about Religion

Its not about Religion

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Please know that this website is not about Religion, to the contrary this website is about love and love more abundantly. I do believe its important for everybody to have a church family, however if one does not love God a church family will not get you saved and you can love God in any religion.

How do you love God? well you love God with your heart and by allowing God to love you back.

Let me explain this a little further by sharing one of my journeys on that matter. I used to believe that I had to be a good girl for God to love me and to be honest it left me exhausted and mostly disappointed in myself, as I would often fail God. I would look to different religions to make me a good girl, I was baptized Catholic as baby (even though my parents are not believers) and so that is were I started in my early twenties. I would go to a catholic church and sit there and not understand anything that was being said in the sermon. I would arrive empty hearted and leave empty hearted and confused. I then decided to go to the catholic church outside of service hours to pray and spend time with God, God would spend time with me however there was no real change in me. I then decided that I would go attend a gospel church, well I liked the songs and I did understand more of the sermon however I would still leave empty hearted. I then decided to attend an Christian evangelic church and I would just go to comply with my church attendance duty, however I would sit there and find it extremely boring. I then decided to go to a seventh advantage church, I learned there that you have to follow a bunch of rules, which I followed for a while. I did get to know God better when attending this church, however it had nothing to do with the religion but more with my fasting periods and spending alone time with God. I then decided to go to a Pentecost church were I would serve in church and attend church, I got baptized in this church together with the father of my 2 youngest kids and my best friend. I would understand the teachings but still had no real growth within and after a while I moved further away from God because of life events and no real heart connection with God.

I went to all these different churches in the hope to find God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, however did not find them there. I found God at home by opening my heart to him, by praying to him to make himself real to me and by asking him to align my heart with his heart. By being honest to God about knowing deep down inside that he is real, however struggling with believing this because of not really feeling it as he seemed far away, like an unknown person. By crying out to God during an extremely painful event in my life and begging him to take over and stopping me from leading as I could not trust my own heart. During my happy times, like the birth of my kids and the love they give me everyday. By this journey of being a mother and needing God to raise my kids in a good manner. I found God because he first loved me and found me before I even knew I needed him.

You see its not about the religion, no its about you allowing God to love you and you loving God. its about you building a relationship with God and making him your best friend. Wonder how? Well how do you become best friends with somebody? I can mention a few things, however your assignment is to think back on how your best relationships started in order for you to build a relationship with God that is your own and share your points with us in the comments.

Becoming best friends examples:
1. Being honest with each other about everything
2. Sharing life events together
3. Spending quality time together/ getting to know each other.
4. Daily communication
5. Trusting each other
6. Caring for one another
7. Having similar goals
8. Working on projects together
9. Worshipping together
10. Sharing your thoughts and fears with one another.

I believe God wants to be our best friend and our father and God loves us the same all the time, when we are good but even when we are bad. God’s love is not based on our actions, he loves us unconditionally at all times. God loves us even when we don’t love ourselves and even when we believe we are not worthy to be loved. There is nothing you can do that will stop God’s love for you. God does not look at your actions, God looks at you and your heart. The bible says that we want to do good, however we still do bad Romans 7:19 and that we do not understand why we do the things we hate to do Romans 7:15. God knows this as he is the author of the Bible, God is aware of the fact that we can do no good without him, so God can look past this and look at the real us in God even when we did not build a relationship with God yet.

We are what we focus on, when I thought that God looked at my actions I would always have my focus on not doing bad. The problem with this is that having your focus on BAD well makes it difficult on not doing the thing you are focussing on. It’s not until I changed my focus on Jesus that I started to do better, because Jesus is good and all powerful and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.

To be honest its exhausting to work in order for somebody to like you by your actions, because as soon as you do something wrong they might not like you anymore. We do this to people as well because this is the way the world taught us to love. We have been guided as little children to live this way, which has robbed us from truly being ourselves. God is not interested in what the world taught you to be, no God wants you to be you and no action you will do will ever define the real you. I know this is hard to grasp and believe as we have been programmed to believe the opposite. God says in the bible that he loved us so much that he gave us his only begotten son even when he knew we would sin again (John 3:16) and look at Jesus: he asked his father to forgive the very people that nailed him on the cross, while they were not even sorry yet (Luke 23:24) Its not important what Religion you follow and God can love you past your mistakes and hurt. important is your (heart) connection with God and your personal relationship with Jesus, AND – this only you and God know about and can work on together.

Start your journey with Jesus by applying the 10 points mentioned above (and/or your own points) in creating a relationship with God if you don’t know how to start. Then allow God to take over the wheel and Share your journey with us so we can learn from each other.

Have a blessed day and remember God loves you much.

Saludos Romy Ras

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