Scream and Shout!!!

Scream and Shout!!!

Scream and Shout!!!

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You probably already know, I have 3 beautiful kids and my life is all bundle and joy all of the time, Right!

Having kids is not always easy and I often had scream and shout moments until I realized that it had no real affect on my kids other then stressing myself out. So I had to figure out a new method to raise my kids peacefully.

Well it did not start out peacefully, I can tell you that but praise the Lord for changing me and actually sending my sister over to help me. Let me start with the story.

It was about a year ago and I was, tired, stressed and about at the end of my I can handle this rope. So I cried out to God and said, I can’t do this anymore, I’m just not cut out for this single parent thing. To top it of every time when their father did show up to pick them up, they would come back even worse. I work full time so every time when I had my kids in the way it should be my off days were done and I was back at point 0.

It was months of correcting, holding them in terms, training and encouraging them. The days I finally had them walking in line and consistent even after weekends, their daddy decided to pick them up again and everything would end up worse then before.

So when you hear people say God’s timing is perfect and he knows best believe it. I cried out and said I can’t handle this anymore, help me Lord. When I went to work I planned a last minute stay home vacation in September. My vacation was approved and even though it was close by I counted the days. Then one week before my vacation started my sister called with the news that she would come on vacation in a week for twee weeks and wanted to know if she could stay with me. My sister had no idea what she was putting herself into 🙈 I had not told her about my struggles so when she arrived, the good sister I am – I tried hard to keep everything together. It went good for a couple of days and then it was like an explosion, I just went to sit outside and cried like a baby ( Usually I am the strong one who would say crying does not solve anything get back up and do it over) However I did not have the energy anymore, I felt like I was sitting in a box with no way out.

My sister walked over, sat next to me and said, I knew something was wrong. Listen to me, allow me to take over for one week and let me help you. I said in a crying voice “oh I don’t care anymore” my sister then replied yes you do but you don’t see the solution anymore you have been doing this on your own for two years now let me help you see clear again. I agreed and my sister took over, it was not easy but she started to retrain them literally from scratch. Oh if people would of paid attention to the cries and screams they would of thought something was wrong. My kids tried everything to get their way and come out of their “time out times”. After one day I said let’s do this together and when my kids noticed that we were not joking and a team, the tantrums and crying went down slowly but surely until they understood that the new way of things was going to stay.

2 weeks later my kids changed completely and now listened after talking once. When their vacation was over and they went back to school even the teachers noticed a big change and complemented me on the change of my kids behavior. My sister went back home and I continued raising my kids.

Now my 6 year old, 7 year old and 16 year old were helping out in and around the house and listened to me again. My job became easier as my 16 year old was taking more responsibility in keeping the house clean and my 6 year old and 7 year old were cleaning up after themselves. Before I would come home tired from work clean up the house run behind the kids and cook and clean up after again. Now I would pick up my 6 and 7 year old and would reach home in a clean and organized house and start to cook and then have family time together.

One day when I went grocery shopping with my two youngest kids,  a lady approached me and said that she and her mother had been watching me for a while and were amazed by how well behaved my kids were. She asked me for my secret as they needed help with their kids 😱 haha 😂 well I could not believe their question and because I did not expect it I had to think before I could answer them. They stood their listening to me with full attention as if they were listening to an expert, funny.

We are now almost one year further and I thank God for my 3 kids, they are such a blessing. Of course we have an off day here and there we are not perfect but nothing like before. They are still kids and very playful and let’s be honest even us as grown ups fail sometimes. However my kids now learn and get back on track fast because they love our family time so much with the peace and quietness we now have.

God had sent my sister just in time, my request had not gone unanswered. No God listened to my cry and sent my help very soon after. I write this post not because I want to boost but to encourage any single parent out there going through a hard time. Don’t give up, God is there with you and cares for you.

Psalm 107:6(ERV) says: then they called to the Lord for help and he saved them from their troubles.

God understands when you feel you can’t do it anymore or when you feel you are a failure.

Philippians 4:13(NKJV) says: I can do all things through Christ[a]who strengthens me. God knows that you need him for the strength you are missing at the moment, don’t give up instead ask him for the wisdom you need to turn your situation around he says in James 1:5 (NIV)

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

These are promises from God, read them, know them and ask him to make them true in your life. God is faithful to his words and he loves you with an everlasting love, trust in his love and be blessed. 

I hope this post encourages the one that needs to read it at the moment and I pray God will guide that person to this post. If you want to read more you can sign up for my free: The Elegant Jesus loving single mom E-Book on this page.

Be saved and blessed and remember God loves you much ❤

Saludos Romy Ras